Shayton Equilibrium represents forces manifested into form. It puts motion in shape, defining the essence of a super-car in 21st century. Striking balance between beauty and performance enables Shayton to step out among respectful competition.

It represents the ultimate pleasure, a new perception of getting from one point to another, where the goal is not as important as the experience. It represents an object of ultimate excitement and a path to rediscovering your inner self.


Even though only virtual 3d model was presented, the beauty and perfection along with the solid story and brand, the World has been considering Shayton a real car ever since. Even without it’s rich heritage it became an instant hit and one of the more desired cars, people crave for.

Well thought overall design and engineering, combined with use of latest technology and materials, enable you exhilarating driving experience whether you drive it on scenic Côte d’Azur roads by yourself or in a company, or raise your adrenalin levels beyond limits when you are pushing it hard on the track to beat the lap time.


The elegant yet sporty interior in Shayton is dominated by a driver-focused cockpit architecture where the driver is in control. Form follows emotion and function: this combined design principle is implemented throughout the car. Sitting inside in the driving seat makes one thing clear: you are possessing superpowers, you are in control of a fierce storm, enormous amount of energy, power and torque.


Shayton Equalibrium’s unmistakable design unites the DNA of a brutal wind storm, the elegance of a falcon in flight and pureness of a natural pearl. It’s flowing lines aggressively cut by large side intakes and then beautifully reunited in the back give Shayton a distinctive muscular and aggressive yet very elegant and graceful look as well as low air resistance factor.


We have reached the stage where investment is necessary to proceed with project to next stage – development of prototype and production set up.We have aligned with industry leading companies in Italy ( prototype development, production, chassis development ) and other countries in Europe ( components )

which have years of experiences in super-car development and have the production capacity and engineers to produce planned limited quantity of Shaytons. For additional information please contact us via