29 Jan Shayton Equilibrium Project


Shayton Equilibrium Project has been envisioned as direct competition to highly competitive hyper car market. Designed as hybrid Shayton goes hand in hand with increasing demand of more efficient and greener hyper cars of the future.

Official website: www.shayton.eu | investment related enquiries: stanta.andrej@provoco.eu | general questions: info@provoco.eu


Main goal: Capturing concept of movement into shape and create an object of performance, obsession and lust.

I simply can not see Shayton as just a car. To me it is beyond that. It’s design comes from pure emotions. It represents manifestation of speed into the shape, it represents myself.

Designing Shayton’s exterior was purely focused to unite essences of DNA of a brutal wind storm, the elegance of a falcon in flight and pureness of a natural pearl.It’s flowing lines aggressively cut by large side intakes and beautifully reunited in the back give Shayton a distinctive muscular and aggressive yet very elegant and graceful look as well as low air resistance factor.


  • SHAYTON (name of the car and the brand) originates from Indian word which means falcon.
  • EQUILIBRIUM (name of current model) represents the basic cosmic principle everything is based upon – the natural balance of the universe.


At this moment we are having discussions with potential investors and we are finalizing last details related to development of the prototype and further on limited production. Our goal is to build hybrid prototype without compromising car’s overall performances and storm the hyper cars market with new competition.